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Our hearts and brains contain a lot we aren’t aware of

Raquel Sanz: “Halvorsbøle is a good place for meditation.”

raquel sanz“When I was invited to learn Acem Meditation last year at Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle, I was happy. It was the opportunity I had been waiting for. My son was two years old, the timing was right. I quickly made up my mind to meditate for the available time I had every day, even when that meant only ten minutes, and then expand the time I have for meditation whenever possible.
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The tiger is coming out of the cage

Sister GilChrist at Acem’s communication course

Acem communication

Denyse Lavigne says things about the benefits of Acem’s training in interpersonal communication that almost any participant could say:

It helped me get in touch with my own inner feelings and life experiences. It also gave me an opportunity to understand group processes. I picked up many things that can help me in my own work, where I often have to talk to people and interview them.

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A gradual change of direction

Frank Otto interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug

Frank Otto Acem MeditationFrank Otto has a doctoral degree in theoretical chemistry, and is working with software development in a small company in Berlin. We met him during his third visit this year to Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle in Norway.
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One of the most important things I have done

Jan Borch on Acem’s communication course

Jan BorchMedical doctor Jan Borch from Hamburg attended Acem’s international Training in Interpersonal Communication at Halvorsbøle earlier this year. “I had the chance to experience and work with my emotions. It was very intensive and emotional, and I liked it a lot. The group I was in was fine; everybody seemed to like each other, and I felt very safe.” Read more…

More creative with meditation?

By Rolf Brandrud

Meditating back to backCreativity is on everyone’s lips. Can we claim that meditation helps us become more creative? Yes, says Rolf Brandrud. Read more…

Coming home alive

MG_6119-e1349132785177-200x300 interviewed by Christopher Grøndahl

I’ve always enjoyed traveling, says Jan Claudius, construction engineer and project manager. After a week of training in interpersonal communication at the Halvorsbøle retreat center, he sees connections between the social journey of the course, his recent trip to the Americas and the practice of long meditations.

A first timer at the communication course, Jan found the groups to be a very good framework for building better self-esteem, particularly in situations where he needs to address a number of people at the same time. Read more…

The spontaneous activity of the mind — a key to understanding

Pär Westlund

In everyday life we are often goal directed – we want results. This is an attitude that we can recognize even when we are meditating or sitting in guidance and communication groups. However, the challenge in meditation and group processes is rather to be present and open to whatever arises spontaneously. The result manifests itself not in the form of a product, but in the ability to be closer both to our own feelings and the feelings of others.

Usually, a wandering mind is not facilitated by exercising our will. In meditation, however, we use our will to create an open space for things that we normally are not in close contact with. The gentle repetition of the meditation sound helps us produce a mental attitude that stimulates the mind’s ability to wander freely. Our awareness has a wide and inclusive focus. The main thing is to create a free flow of everything that spontaneously moves through our mind. The meditation sound is the bridge, the methodological means, for creating the necessary openness. Read more…

International summer retreats — discount deadline approaching

Acem communication courseThis year’s international summer retreats help you recharge your batteries, and make subtle changes in the direction of your life. You save €100 by registering and paying before 1 June.

The regular international summer retreat teaches you to practise meditations beyond the three-hour level, while the international deepening retreat has meditations of at least six hours a day. All international retreats have English as their working language, often with translation into other languages.

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“Better to ride the horse than be stuck in the stirrup”

Ingelin Rössland interviewed by Thor Udenæs
at Acem’s communication course

Ingelin RøsslandThe landscape of Ingelin Rössland’s childhood was a farm on the west coast of Norway, with cows, sheep, a cat, a dog, and a large family. Now she lives in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, where she works as an author, translator and journalist. She is 35 years old and still has the eagerness to learn that she developed as a child. This year she came to the Acem communication course to explore possibilities for personal growth. Read more…

90 years old and on the road to reconciliation

Berit ØstbyBerit Østby interviewed by Halvor Eifring

She is not quite a typical 90-year-old. Last year she published a book of poetry, the fruit of five intensive years’ labour. When the book was finished, she rewarded herself with an Acem communication course, on the last night of which she read aloud from the collection, in a clear, authoritative voice and with a distinctive flair for the dramatic. She is now in full swing writing a novel. And hopes she can be reconciled with her mother.

In the interview, she immediately takes control: “I want to tell you about when I first learned to meditate. You can edit afterwards.” It was in the 1970s. She had not thought that meditation was for her, but a friend took her to a lecture by the founder of Acem, Are Holen, and she was struck. “His facial expressions and sense of humour made me laugh. I saw everything he said in my mind’s eye. I decided to join in the way forward.”

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