Reconciliation, growth and introspective sensitivity

By Are Holen

For young people, development is primarily about growth, about conquering the ”world”, while reconciliation is more important in the later stages of life. The focus of this article is reconciliation and how Acem Meditation may contribute towards this end via introspective sensitivity. To meditate strengthens the links to those aspects of the psyche that are not shaped by history and that are anchored in an inner freedom and autonomy; the changes have implications for the individual, for fellow human beings as well as for society; they add a dimension of integrity, genuineness and responsibility to the human interactions.

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Be friends with your wandering mind

By Halvor Eifring

Everyone who has learned Acem Meditation knows that meditation is not about emptying the mind, as many others tend to believe. The challenge is to become friends with everything that spontaneously emerges in consciousness. Restlessness, tension, and ruminating thoughts may be experienced as garbage in the body and mind, but often hide a sparkling diamond. This kind of experience is supported by old meditative traditions.

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Surprising views on meditation

Three Acem meetings 23 – 26.9.2019 in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Groningen.

New Perspectives from the latest books of Yuval Noah Harari and Acem.
Presented by Rolf Brandrud, a teacher in Acem Meditation.

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Like a storm in the night

By Andreas Tryggeset

When being touched by a good book, you come closer to yourself. Longings, dreams, unease, shame — all sorts of feelings are activated.

Maybe you recognize this? That reading a really good book brings you closer to yourself. What about meditation? In meditation, there is no elegant story to be seduced by. You are alone, you are naked, you are left with those parts of yourself that you don’t want to accept or include.

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The Power of the Wandering Mind

Nondirective meditation in science and philosophy

In the fifteen chapters of this new book, experts in neuroscience, medicine, psychology, philosophy, and the humanities share groundbreaking perspectives on how nondirective meditation interacts with brain and body, mind and culture.

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Training in Interpersonal Communication 2019

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The next Acem communication course takes place 25 May – 2 June 2019, at Halvorsbøle, Norway. This intensive course has been an annual event for nearly fifty years and is open to those who have learned Acem Meditation.

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International Summer Retreats 2019

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Several options for profound rest, new discoveries about yourself and exchange of experience with fellow meditators.

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Meditation and musical creativity

Jimena Villegas appreciates the effect they have on her

“I read a book by a filmmaker who found that meditation helped him find new solutions when he felt stuck in the process of producing a movie. Though I work with music rather than film, the book inspired me to look for a chance to learn meditation, and my partner became interested as well. We searched the internet, and luckily we found an Acem Meditation course and signed up.”

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How to solve a murder

An interview with meditating author of crime fiction Bjørn Bottolvs

A naked man dead in a shed by a lake in the outskirts of Oslo, with a small tea candle on his chest. Murdered? Bjørn Bottolvs’s tenth crime novel is titled Facing Death. In the novel, solving the murder case involves Acem’s cultural periodical Dyade, which in 2012 published an issue with the same title. A coincidence? Hardly. Bjørn learned Acem Meditation at a summer retreat in 1973 and has been meditating daily ever since.

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