The play “The Spin Doctor” (adapted from the English/American original “Feel Good”) has one character that is really awful: Arrogant, completely unreliable (always spinning/lying, totally selfish etc). I saw the play yesterday with some friends and had to laugh – and not only at the appropriate places. To really drive home that the spin doctor is the bad-bad guy in the play, the author after some time allows it to be revealed that the spin doctor is also a vegetarian (nothing worse!) and has completely stopped drinking alcohol – well even worse. That is how far down you may get in describing an absolutely unsympathetic character! The behavior of the spin doctor is much closer to some kind of impulsive, non-empathetic alcoholic. But that kind of consistency is obviously not the point. The aim is more to create a character as negative as you can by putting all kinds of negative labels on the person. If you had any hope that a greener diet and less alcohol should help the world, you may have to realise that you still have a mile or to to go before there is a consensus out there.