The practice of long meditations helps us understand what Acem Meditation is about, especially if it is done on several consecutive days, as on a retreat. We realize how silent but potent forces give an extra push to inner processes that increase our self-understanding. At its core, Acem Meditation is an intuitive way to grasp more fundamental aspects of our existence.
Acem Meditation summer retreat

This year (2015), all international summer retreats will take place in Scandinavia. They provide opportunities for long meditations in your own room, followed by guidance and seminars, as well as interesting social encounters with people from various parts of the world. These encounters make it easier to move behind the façade and touch a nerve in others who are on the same journey as yourself. Going together for a swim in the lake or a walk in the woods provides the possibility for deeper acquaintance. On all retreats, you can also practice meditative yoga for increased effect.

There are three options available, depending on your experience with Acem Meditation:

1. for those who want to learn the technique
2. for those who have learned it and want to practice at a retreat
3. for those who have retreat experience and want to go one step further

You can learn Acem Meditation at a summer retreat from 18 to 25 July at Halvorsbøle, Norway. If you are between 17 and 35 years of age, you can also learn the method at the Young Retreat at Lundsholm, Sweden, from 1 to 8 August. This will not only give you a great and relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings, but also teach you a method that will help you counter everyday stress after you return home.

If you have already learned the technique, you can go to the International Regular Retreat at Halvorsbøle, Norway or, if your age is suitable, to the Young Retreat at Lundsholm, Sweden. You can do this once or several times. On these retreats, you learn to practice meditations beyond the three-hour level, and you improve your mastery of the technique through guidance and seminars on the psychology of meditation. This triggers fascinating personal processes that make the mind more flexible and stimulate change.

If you are a regular meditator and already have experience from one or more week-long Acem retreats, you can choose to go on a deepening retreat. For international participants, there are two options, either 11-18 July or 25 July – 1 August, both at Halvorsbøle, Norway. Deepening retreats help you practice meditations beyond the 6-hour level. Guidance and seminars emphasize existential issues that relate to the content of meditation, as does the time set aside for “walk-and-talk”. This significantly increases the effect on personality and self-image, and triggers highly enriching and meaningful processes involving the actualization and working-through of emotional material.

At most of these retreats, the course language is English, sometimes with translation and guidance in other languages. At the Young Retreat, the main language is Scandinavian, with English translation and guidance. If you know Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, there are also many other options. In addition, there is a German retreat and a Spanish retreat.

Copy editor: Ann Kunish