The OPEN CENTER in New York City, founded in 1984, provides around 300 different holistically-based programs to an audience of 10,000 annually. Here is an excerpt of their new program – basic Acem Meditation training.

Acem Meditation: Discover The Power of The Wandering Mind

Free Intro on Monday, April 8 at 6:00 pm – Class starts April 15

Eirik Jensen, Rolf Brandrud & Mercedes Ozuna

Acem Meditation is practiced in 18 countries around the world. It does not require you to monitor your thoughts; instead, it is a non-directive method based on the effortless mental repetition of a sound. In this series, participants will learn to use this technique for relaxation and deep stress release, increase energy levels, stimulate creativity, and experience spiritual renewal. In Acem, the mind is allowed to wander because this wandering provides access to the deeper self, where emotional blockages and fears reside. It also expands our healing capacity by giving us the tools to work on, reduce, or heal these blockages that keep us from moving forward.

Note: Participants will receive a free copy of Acem Meditation: An Introductory Companion (Retail value $12).

A Weekly Class – 4 Sessions):

Mondays, April 15 – May 6, 6:00 – 7:45 pm
Members $120 / Nonmembers $150

How can you get the most out of meditation?  Rolf Brandrud has three tips.  He is one of the instructors for a course in Acem Meditation at Open Center in April.

Rolf Brandrud ACEM Meditation


Read more: Discover the Power of the Wandering Mind.

New York Open Center

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Rolf Brandrud

Rolf Brandrud is a certified teacher of Acem Meditation and has taught it since 1975.  He served as a journalist/editor at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for 30 years.


Eirik Jensen

Eirik Jensen is a certified instructor of Acem Meditation and has practiced it for 45 years. He is a Supreme Court barrister and an expert on tax law.

Mercedes Ozuna

Mercedes Ozuna is a certified instructor in Acem Meditation and the organizer of Acem’s activities in New York. She is also Lead Program Manager, works with IT for a public transportation organization.