Young people (aged 17-35) from all over Europe and beyond meet in the middle of Swedish nowhere (Lundsholm) and spend their summer doing nothing? – Wait! Can that be true? Are they really doing nothing? – No, they meditate – that looks a little bit like “just sitting there“ from the outside, but in fact, they move a lot. They are building up and down resistance, they fight inner and outer struggles and they allow and cultivate a free mental attitude.

Besides that, they cycle around the lake, they swim to the little island or just chillax at the bay. They enjoy the sun and themselves, play volleyball and other games, they make new friends and meet old buddies. And they benefit from the healthy and delicious food, that is served for belly and brain – You can call all this doing “nothing“, because compared to all the input and outputs humans get and generate in rushy everyday lives, it‘s reduced action. It‘s boiled down to the essence and that is called “taking care of yourself“

Happy to see many young people from all over the place in the middle of nowhere next year (again)!

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