Acem Meditation and other meditation practices

by Are Holen MD PhD, founder of Acem

This text is from the book Acem Meditation – an Introductory Companion.

‘Meditation’ is a generic term as broad as, say, ‘sports’, covering a diverse range of practices using different methods and aiming at a variety of objectives.

Central aspects of the meditation phenomenon are outlined below, with the purpose of identifying the shared and differing characteristics of various meditation practices and putting Acem Meditation into perspective.


  1. Meditator

    I have been taugh transcendental meditation, is there any difference between TM and Acem meditation?

  2. The techniques are similar, but the focus is very different, and that probably influences the way the two methods are practised. Acem Meditation is process-oriented and does not encourage the search for “bliss” or any other particular state of mind. Guidance in Acem typically explores how your way of meditating reflects your personality, and how you can break with established patterns. In our experience, this gives access to deeper layers of the mind and may produce more lasting changes in your basic way of relating to yourself and your environment.

  3. Hello,
    I was just about to take a TM meditation course and started reading some negative info about it (as well it costs so much) Then I ran across acem meditation in a write up. I am from Red Deer, Alberta Canada. I am in the central part of the provence. I would like to know the closest instruction in Acem from where I live. And how much does a beginner course usually cost. I had never heard of Acem before. The reason I was about to take TM is for health and stress related issues.

    Thank you
    Brenda Smith

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