Join Acem meditators around the world by celebrating Acem’s 50th anniversary in your local Acem center!


On January 27th, 1966, a group of students came together in Oslo on the initiative of Are Holen, who was a student of psychology at the time, to found Academic Meditation Society (AMS). A few years later, the name of the organization was changed to Acem.

Fifty years have passed, and an enormous amount of idealistic work has resulted in an international organization with centers and activities in many countries on several continents. Acem is unique in its focus on meditation guidance and the development of a down-to-earth and wide-reaching psychology of meditation.

On January 27th, 2016, Acem meditators around the world will celebrate the day by meditating together in all the local Acem centers in different countries. Check your local Acem calendar to find out exactly when and how your local center will mark the anniversary.

If there is no local Acem center close to where you live, or if you are unable to attend the local event, you may still participate in the celebration by meditating in your home, or wherever you are, knowing that you are part of a world-wide happening.

Happy birthday!

Copy editor: Ann Kunish