Courses for employees in the health sector

For the past, almost four years, Hospital San Juan in Alicante, Spain, has regularly offered beginner’s courses in Acem Meditation for its health sector employees, along with a large number of other courses of continuing education.

At the end of all courses, participants fill in an evaluation form designed by the hospital, with numerous questions pertaining to the way the courses are run. On every single question, the score of the Acem courses is way above the average score of all the other courses organized by the hospital. This average is calculated on the basis of nearly 80,000 evaluation forms from different courses over several years.

Not only is the Acem score higher than the average; it is higher than any other course organised at the hospital.

The evaluation form also asks about the performance of each instructor, and the scores for all three Acem instructors are way above the average: Jacqueline Robert, a medical doctor at the hospital, Margaret Koch, a nurse at the hospital, and Miren Lugarezaresti, a social worker in Alicante (see photos above).

Each Acem course consists of five weekly meetings of four hours in the late afternoon. The hospital sends out invitations and receives registrations. Participants receive points for continuing education when they complete the course.

Tor Hersoug