Mercedes Ozuna: “I sought meditation originally for very practical reasons. I really did not know what to expect or what I was getting myself into. That is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I started to see the results of my daily Acem Meditation practice. They were not what I expected, they were better. First of all, I was sleeping, after years of suffering insomnia.

“After a while, my mood became more stable. I noticed that I was a happier medium mood, without ups and downs. This made it possible for me to keep going on.

New self-confidence
“I also started to feel more whole, and was able to be content with all my different sides. A new self-confidence developed. This was in contrast to what I previously had perceived as my “Swiss cheese personality” – i.e. with some holes here and there. As they started filling in, I noticed the effect: I wasn’t switching from extremely high to extremely low any longer. I enjoyed being more in the middle, without the former frequent lows.

“With results of that calibre after just a minor investment of my daily time, it is more than worth it to me. I can’t recommend this tool highly enough to anyone looking to improve their life.

Mercedes Ozuna works in New York at the Project Management Office (PMO), Metropolitan Transport Authority – Information Technology (MTA IT). The MTA IT PMO handles the highest priority and strategic IT projects for Subways, Buses, Rail Roads and all other MTA agencies in New York.