Understand what lies behind your communication

We are happy to be able to invite Acem meditators from all countries to this very special event. In 2020, the course was canceled due to the pandemic; in 2021, only Norwegians could participate.

Rather than listening to talks and lectures, you spend much of the time in groups of six to nine people, with a completely open agenda. In collaboration with the other group members and one or two very experienced group leaders, the aim of the process is to understand more of what lies behind the communication. The interaction between the participants initiates surprising group processes that reveal hitherto unconscious patterns in the ways we see and deal with each other. A wide range of moods and emotions are activated. Personal reflection brings unexpected insights about how we are driven by feelings we didn’t even know we had.

As one participant in 2021, the farmer Liza Franke put it:

I became more straightforward

When I heard about the communication course, my interest was piqued. After the course, I could take home important social lessons: I can dare to let others see who I am and to be more of myself. During the course, I let go of some of my social filter. I received trustworthy feedback from my fellow group members, and I learned that I can express myself in a more straightforward way than I have been used to. It is a relief to articulate what is inside me in a more direct way. I was in a group of mainly young participants. The group was lively, and this helped me to recognize that I have a rebel inside me. I grasped more of how I have experienced my childhood. I have become more aware in my relation to others. I try to understand what lies behind the way others come across on the surface.

Another participant in 2021, the student Per Storrø Petersen, put it this way:

Towards a widened perspective

After several communication courses, I have become more aware of the opportunities to work with important personal life themes. In each course, I find that I become more myself and that there are new gains to reap. It is encouraging to notice a progression from a former way of being, towards a widened perspective. I get help to see what goes on in people behind the surface. Although some themes have been challenging, the dialogues in the group have been very helpful. We got very close to each other, and the interaction with the other group members was great.

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