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Meditation is about practice, not speculation or intellectual thinking. Still, reading and reflecting may enhance your understanding, increase your motivation and improve the quality of your practice.

You can read about meditation in a number of articles published on The Meditation Blog, or in a number of books published by Acem.

Ripples in water – how meditation can help you to discover the deeper currents inside you

February 27th, 2022|

By Ellen Gravklev. An action with ripple effects When you throw a stone into the water, ripples are formed which slowly spread outwards. One stone, one throw, many ripples. A warm look, a [...]

IT entrepreneur with success: – Without meditation, I would not be able to cope with the pressure

June 2nd, 2021|

Father of three and business manager Håvard Bell built a software company from scratch. Today, it has 25 employees and its app is used worldwide. Håvard talks about a steep learning curve and [...]

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