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Neil Young, Psychedelic Pill and meditation

Neil Young

Neil Young – great musician but confused about meditation?

I have a confession to make: I am a Neil Young fan. So last autumn, I eagerly awaited his next album, along with millions of others. When it arrived, I was not disappointed. This is vintage Young, a mixture of rough edges and a lyrical voice that can be no one else’s.  Listening to the first song on Psychedelic Pill, however, I was startled: Neil Young was – among other things – singing about meditation:

“Driftin’ Back”

“Hey now now, hey now now
I’m driftin’ back

Hey now now, hey now now
I’m driftin’ back

Dreaming about the way things sound now
Write about them in my book
Worry that you can’t hear me now
And feel the time I took

To help you feel this feeling
Let you ride along
Dreaming about the way you feel now
When you hear my song

I’m driftin’ back
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Morals, moralism and meditation

(pdf version: KLUG-#756714-v1-Morals_moralism_and_meditation2)

Eirik Jensen

Morals, moralism and meditation

Does Acem Meditation weaken  our moral inhibitions? Or is there a morality in Acem Meditation? If so, in what sense, and of what kind?

Acem Meditation is more than relaxation and increased energy. It is an introspective activity that can touch us at deep levels, if we choose to invest sufficient time and effort in practicing the method. In various ways meditation can then lead to a reorientation of our basic attitudes towards existence, including what we consider to be moral and immoral. This article discusses certain points of contact between the moral and the meditative realms. The purpose is to clarify certain ethical implications of the meditative practice. [1]

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Meditation – not just a quick fix

Reading some of these posts reminds me of a story someone told me some time ago: A meditation teacher was giving an introductory talk about Acem Meditation in the US. Knowing that Americans typically tend to expect and prefer quick results, but nevertheless reluctant to convey unrealistic expectations, he told them that the deeper benefits of Acem Meditation – those that involve personal growth and personality change – may not occur before several months of regular meditation. One of the listeners responded increduously: “Did you say months?!?

Americans seem already to be fed up with Obama – he has been President for over a year now, and has still not fixed the economy, the war in Afghanistan and the health system – heck, he hasn’t even balanced the budget!  I wonder whether this impatient attitude is now not only typically American, but becoming more prevalent all over the world. And at the same time there must be something in most of us that understands – at some level – that this short term perspective is not only unrealistic, but shallow, and that the more important and valuable processes in life always take time.  Read more…