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I have nothing to say and I am saying it

2019-07-06T22:08:57+02:00April 13th, 2011|

Visiting Tate’s Gallery in London last week I came a cross a quote by an abstract painter that has been resonating in my head:
I have nothing to say, and I am saying it.

Looking for the quote on the internet, it turns out that it has been used also by others, among them the American experimental […]

The King’s Speech – A Meditative Pleasure

2019-07-06T22:10:22+02:00March 16th, 2011|

King's SpeechI was really delighted by the Winner-Takes-All sweep of Oscars by the King's Speech. It was one of the best movies I have seen for a long time. After some time I was surprised that the movie appeared to be nearing its end - after just one hour. I looked at may watch: Nearly two hours had passed.

Blood Lands

2019-07-06T22:11:00+02:00January 18th, 2011|

You probably would not expect a comment on the Meditation Blog upon Timothy Snyder: The Bloodlands – Europe between Hitler and Stalin. But there are some interesting psychological perspectives relevant for meditation. Most of the book describes truly awful events, but the shock lies much in the realization that the narrative is probably fairly accurate […]

The Dalai Lama Effect

2019-07-06T22:12:59+02:00November 4th, 2010|

You should be careful in selecting the person with whom you meditate – especially if you are a top political leader. German researchers have found that countries whose top political leadership meets with the Dalai Lama lose more than 8 per cent in annaul exports to China. It tells you something about what you might […]

A greener, non-alcoholic world – how far down can you get, really!

2019-07-06T22:13:06+02:00October 31st, 2010|

The play “The Spin Doctor” (adapted from the English/American original “Feel Good”) has one character that is really awful: Arrogant, completely unreliable (always spinning/lying, totally selfish etc). I saw the play yesterday with some friends and had to laugh – and not only at the appropriate places. To really drive home that the spin doctor […]

The Killing Floors you are not to see

2019-07-06T22:13:25+02:00October 27th, 2010|

Reporters are embedded in modern warfare operations. On television we may daily watch real people getting killed for real.

But some killing floors are off limits. In the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma the author Michael Pollan tries to analyze modern food production. At one point he was denied all access: To the killing floors of modern […]

Meditation as circus

2019-07-06T22:14:02+02:00October 18th, 2010|

One of the main items on the Norwegian main TV news broadcast tonight (18th Oct) was on David Lynch – coming to Norway not only to promote his films, but mostly to market Transcendental Meditation to the Norwegian media and to two cabinet ministers in direct meetings – see link. The reason why he […]

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