Autumn leaves

I live close to the Botanical Garden in Oslo, an oasis of meditative silence amidst noisy roads on Tøyen. The changes of autumn are fascinating and stimulate a reflective frame of mind. The poetry of falling leaves is also an inspiration to me as a painter.

autumn leaves 1

autumn leaves 2

autumn leaves 3

autumn leaves 4

autumn leaves 5

autumn leaves 6


  1. Uwe

    any chance you offer these great pictures as wallpapers for computer desktops? I really like them!

    – Uwe

  2. Eva

    Thanks Uwe, glad you liked the photos. If you want them in another format, I need an email address

  3. Uwe

    No problem:

    Thank you very much!
    – Uwe

  4. kaifm

    very nice photos, eva. they remind me of movement and stillness, life and death, eternity and a moment. they have a reflective mood about them.

    they also remind me of some scenes from the films of andrey tarkovsky. i wonder if you have seen them?

    it would be nice to be able to see these pictures in full screen, or in a separate window in a bigger size.

  5. Eva

    Thanks Kaif! Yes, have seen Tarkovsky, quite some years ago. Very fascinating films and absorbing, interesting atmosphere. Would be interesting to see them again.

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