“In my job as a computer engineer I develop software and must deliver accurate information timely. The meditation sound is my best tool to cope with pressure,” says Andy Chang from Taiwan.

“My style at work is to do things with concentration in an efficient way.  In my family life, I have the opposite style. Before I learnt Acem Meditation, I spent 1 or 2 hours after work, easing the working style by reading or doing exercises such as riding a bicycle. However, it didn’t always work, usually depending on how critical the issues at work were, and whether there had been a project-related night-call with more urgent work that must be finished. I wasn’t aware of how much I was impacted myself, but my wife and children perceived my bad temper and unpredictability from time to time.”

A better father and kinder husband

“Right now, meditation is part of my daily activity, especially in the transition between my job and my family life”, Andy says. “After 30 minutes of meditation, I have a more open attitude. It feels like the limitations in my mind are reduced, like some inner boundaries are gone, and this makes me a better father and a kinder husband. I learned Acem Meditation seven years ago and have relied more on my practice year by year, and four years ago, I participated in my first retreat with long meditations. At times, I am not sure whether my pressure has been released, but Acem Meditation definitely makes me more aware of the underlying pressure from work, family or from within – from my personal expectations.”