New book: Psychology of Silence

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The classic introduction – available for the first time in English

This book presents the classic introduction to Acem’s theory and practice of meditation, written by the founder. Psychology of Silence provides an easy-to-read account of the technique and its effects on health and personality. The book also […]

Meditative Yoga from Norway to the world

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When a book is published in Norwegian, a language spoken by only five million people, it is usually expected to stay well within the borders of this small Scandinavian country. However, Are Holen and Torbjørn Hobbel’s book Meditative Yoga: Integrating Body, Breath and Mind has beaten the expectations.

The Shaking Woman

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Siri HustvedtWhen she was giving a speech in honour of her dead father, the novelist Siri Hustvedt suddenly began to shake violently. Her book "The Shaking Woman" is a cascade of personal, literary, therapeutic, and neurological reflections meant to shed light on her condition - and on the human condition in general. But does it succeed?

I remember

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I rememberBegin to write on a sheet of paper "I remember..." and then see what comes next. Surprisingly often, what comes are memories that haven't been looked at for years, and they frequently carry central issues from your life. Meditation is also a work-through of memories.

Meditative yoga

2019-07-05T14:56:33+02:00August 22nd, 2012|

Meditative Yoga coverThe recently published Meditative Yoga: Integrating Body, Breath and Mind by Are Holen and Torbjørn Hobbel differs from other yoga books. It spells out in concrete and lucid detail how yoga can provide a meditative impulse in everyday life. It contains beautifully (and usefully) illustrated stepwise instructions for more than 60 postures and practices, as well as a number of yoga programmes for different levels.

Peaceful pirate talking meditation

2019-07-05T14:59:44+02:00March 5th, 2012|

meditating viking"The least serious book on Acem Meditation ever!" This is how a reader characterised the illustrated story-book "Peaceful Pirate Talking Meditation", which was recently published in Taiwan. It is full of humorous anecdotes and drawings relating the meditative and sometimes not so meditative adventures of a latter-day meditating viking.

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