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Wider Acem

I have recently been thinking about Acem and its wider responsibilities. An idealistic organisation that aims to work with people to help them deal with the stresses of the modern world is a very important thing to me. When people come to beginners courses in London it seems to me that whilst they have many varied motivations that they usually fall into the category of some form of stress. There are typically between 5 and 10 people on a beginners course (although one ran with 17 recently) and these people I hope walk away at the very least with a thought or insight into how they may react differently to the stresses they encounter in their lives. One of the things I like about being part of Acem is then the care that is given to following up, providing opportunity to refresh, talk and explore the possibilities of the technique. But beyone this what is our wider responsibility is a question I have many thoughts on, and some I would like to share. Read more…

The Dalai Lama Effect

You should be careful in selecting the person with whom you meditate – especially if you are a top political leader. German researchers have found that countries whose top political leadership meets with the Dalai Lama lose more than 8 per cent in annaul exports to China. It tells you something about what you might expect in a world where China is more dominant. The effect of your Dalai Lama “meditation” goes away after two years. See the report at CNN.