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Meditation and musical creativity

Jimena Villegas appreciates the effect they have on her

“I read a book by a filmmaker who found that meditation helped him find new solutions when he felt stuck in the process of producing a movie. Though I work with music rather than film, the book inspired me to look for a chance to learn meditation, and my partner became interested as well. We searched the internet, and luckily we found an Acem Meditation course and signed up.”

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How to solve a murder

An interview with meditating author of crime fiction Bjørn Bottolvs

A naked man dead in a shed by a lake in the outskirts of Oslo, with a small tea candle on his chest. Murdered? Bjørn Bottolvs’s tenth crime novel is titled Facing Death. In the novel, solving the murder case involves Acem’s cultural periodical Dyade, which in 2012 published an issue with the same title. A coincidence? Hardly. Bjørn learned Acem Meditation at a summer retreat in 1973 and has been meditating daily ever since.

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From Taiwan to the deepening retreat in Norway: a unique experience

Interview with Hana Han

As a retired high school teacher in Taiwan, Hana Han enjoys her life: She interprets her dreams, writes poems, and meditates. She is less stressed, with plenty of energy for all she wants to do.

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Deep diving into the self

Everyday meditation has made her feel more grounded. A week-long retreat changed her ways of thinking. A communication course enabled her to feel more connected with herself and others.

Gill Scott on meditation and communication

“I had tried different kinds of group meditation, which I found relaxing, but I had a lot of resistance and on my own, I could barely sit still for ten minutes. Then a friend told me about Acem, and in September 2015 I went to an introductory course in Shoreditch in London. At the time, I was still grieving for my mother, whose death was a great loss for me. The course was a turning point. Afterward I felt lighter and more optimistic.”

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Best tool to cope with pressure

“In my job as a computer engineer I develop software and must deliver accurate information timely. The meditation sound is my best tool to cope with pressure,” says Andy Chang from Taiwan. Read more…

Helped me see things *I thought* I knew in a different light

– Tom L. on Acem’s Communication Course

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I found Acem Meditation on the blog

– interview with Côme Ledésert

“It was important for me to learn how to meditate when I was working on my master’s thesis four years ago, and I wanted to find a way for myself. When I discovered Acem Meditation on, I liked that it was nondirective and nonreligious. I am a filmmaker, and interested in the use of silence. Read more…

Meditating brothers

When Axel Schäfers learned Acem Meditation in Germany six years ago, his one-year-older brother Ralf watched from a distance as the technique made Axel change things in his life.

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Ten years with Acem Meditation

Miren feels the effects increase with time

Meditation has become a natural part of her daily life. Miren Lugarezaresti, a social worker based in Alicante, Spain, explains why her motivation to continue her practice has never abated.

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Bridging cultural differences: Meditative yoga in Taiwan

Anne Thomte, a Norwegian high school teacher and head of the Acem School of Yoga, recently visited Taiwan, where she gave two weekend workshops for the general public and a training course for future yoga instructors. She was struck by the cultural differences she observed. Read more…