The tiger is coming out of the cage

2019-07-05T14:39:26+02:00February 8th, 2014|

Sister GilChrist at Acem’s communication course

Acem communication

Denyse Lavigne says things about the benefits of Acem’s training in interpersonal communication that almost any participant could say:

It helped me get in touch with my […]

A gradual change of direction

2019-07-05T14:40:40+02:00December 8th, 2013|

Frank Otto interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug

Frank Otto Acem MeditationFrank Otto has a doctoral degree in theoretical chemistry, and is working with software development in a small company in Berlin. We met […]

Coming to grips with life in the city

2019-07-05T14:52:07+02:00May 17th, 2013|

JeromeHe grew up in the countryside, far from any city. Now he lives in the middle of Germany's second largest city, Hamburg, where he is studying to become a coach and a sports salesman. Acem Meditation gives him energy and fresh perspectives.

Meditation gives me an extra hour a day

2019-07-05T14:52:14+02:00May 17th, 2013|

Kristoffer Myre Eng“The two daily half hours have been a must for me since the day I learned Acem Meditation. Besides thorough relaxation, they also help me see more clearly what I want with my own life, and bring me in touch with a deeper meaning.” Says Kristoffer Myre Eng from Oslo, Norway.

“Refreshing, exhausting and fascinating”

2019-07-05T14:52:28+02:00February 7th, 2013|

Arild Næss"I was eager to go further and dig deeper." Arild Næss is a regular participant at deepening retreats in Acem Meditation. In his everyday life, he does research on how machines can recognize speech, and he would like his iPhone to understand how to tell his girlfriend she's beautiful. "The retreats help me see my own problems a little more like I see those of other people."

Meditating the Nordic Way

2019-07-05T14:53:17+02:00December 14th, 2012|

r&lQin and Roland learned Acem Meditation at an international retreat in Norway. For Qin, the experience was mind-blowing, and Roland finds that he has become more aware and reflective, and that afternoon meditations put him in a better mood.

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