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Happy vegetarians

2019-07-05T14:59:30+02:00March 14th, 2012|

vegetarian moodWhat you eat influences your mind, and, some people think, your meditation. According to a recent pilot study, your diet also influences your mood. Two weeks on a lacto-vegetarian diet made participants in the study happier. Those who continued to eat meat and those who avoided meat but ate fish did not experience this change of mood.

Fighting sleep deprivation with Acem Meditation

2019-07-05T15:00:47+02:00February 1st, 2012|

insomnia meditationThere was one breakthrough in The Times journalist Katie Morris's fight against sleep deprivation: when a fellow insomniac recommended Acem Meditation. "Night-time has never been great for me," the journalist says. But "things are better now".

Meditation and daily rhythms

2019-07-05T15:03:46+02:00September 25th, 2011|

We may often be like a leaf being blown from one activity to another. A regular meditation practice may create a chance to take a break from outward activity and create a sense of order and rootedness.

The elephant in the forest

2019-07-06T22:07:53+02:00June 1st, 2011|

Indian psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar compares the unconscious to a usually good-natured elephant that we cannot really control. He writes, 'the unconscious demands respect, even awe, not only for its uncanny knowledge but also for its terrible power'.

Better sleep with meditation

2019-07-06T22:08:16+02:00May 10th, 2011|

Old news? Yes, if you have learnt to practice a technique like Acem-meditation. But not if you have no experience with such relaxation techniques.
In the 29 April issue, the Norwegian women´s magazine Kamille writes about how to reduce everyday stress by using different relaxation techniques. The magazine includes a brief […]

On the bond between humans and nature

2019-07-06T22:08:41+02:00April 24th, 2011|

Spring is finally upon us. How wonderful to feel that the sun is warming again and see magnolia trees in blossom! It is recognized that nature has an effect on our mood, it can for example be calming when we feel stressed. But can a closer relationship with nature influence our engagement and behaviour in environmental issues?

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