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Fruits with a life of their own

blood-dripping orangeIt’s not hard to imagine that fruits have souls, though it helps to make them look like us. Some of them look angry, others sexy, still others scary. I don’t know who made these photographs, which were sent to me by a friend. If anybody knows, I will of course be more than happy to credit the photographer.

Again, I was reminded of Mo Yan’s novel “Life and death are wearing me out”, in which a donkey, an ox,a pig, a dog and a monkey are made to think and feel much more like us than we usually imagine. And although that’s hardly the truth, the opposite assumption – that they are just dumb and unfeeling animals – may be equally far from reality. Read more…

Autumn leaves

I live close to the Botanical Garden in Oslo, an oasis of meditative silence amidst noisy roads on Tøyen. The changes of autumn are fascinating and stimulate a reflective frame of mind. The poetry of falling leaves is also an inspiration to me as a painter.

autumn leaves 1

autumn leaves 2

autumn leaves 3

autumn leaves 4

autumn leaves 5

autumn leaves 6

Autumn meditations

leaf on waterI took some photos during a visit to the Halvorsbøle retreat centre earlier this autumn. They may not be perfect, but at least they made me see the place with new eyes.