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“The best gift I have given myself”

Erin Tseng interviewed by Joy Lu

Erin doing yoga
After ten years of yoga practice in Taiwan, Erin Tseng still felt stuck. For some reason, she could not breathe as deeply as some of the postures required. She was struggling. It was only when she learned how to “let go” in practice that she was able to relax and come closer to her own spontaneity. Read more…

Meditative Yoga from Norway to the world

Chinese translation of Acem’s yoga book published in October

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Slimming with yoga?

Studies indicate health gains from mind-body techniques

By Erik Ekker Solberg, PhD, cardiologist, specialist in sports medicine

yoga vajraAccording to recent studies, yoga and meditation practices may help us to lose weight, reduce our blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and slow down our pulse. Both psychological and physical quality of life seems to improve. Read more…

Free mental attitude in body and mind

by Torbjørn Hobbel

Tongtos yogaA free mental attitude – repeating the meditation sound gently and effortlessly in the mind and letting the stream of spontaneous thoughts come and go – is the basic principle of Acem Meditation. This attitude is essential to meditation. What about yoga? What is a free, open attitude on a bodily level? Read more…

Basic principles of meditative yoga

meditative yogaThe book Meditative Yoga: Integrating Body, Breath and Mind by Are Holen and Torbjørn Hobbel (Dyade Press, 2012) presents the principles of meditative yoga, as well as more than 60 yoga exercises. Three points are particularly important. Read more…

This is for me!

Elia Camacho, Spain, on Acem Meditation

Elia Camacho Acem MeditationFor Elia Camacho, it took time before she finally decided to learn to meditate. “I had heard about meditation, but did not start before I moved from Mexico to Spain, after talking with a friend who had some experience. I chose Acem Meditation because it is non-religious.”

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Acem School of Yoga


Acem School of Yoga teaches a simple, classical meditative yoga – different from many modern, more dynamic and forceful versions of yoga practiced today.
It is the oldest yoga school in Norway, founded in 1968, before the first major yoga wave reached the West.

Have a look at the school´s Norwegian site:

A holiday that makes a difference

swimming in randsfjord

Recharging your batteries is good, modifying your direction is even better. Planning ahead makes for a good start. Read more…

Body and Mind Care: Meditative Yoga

Dr. Are HolenAre Holen, founder of Acem Meditation, Norway, speaks to Priti Agrawal about meditative yoga. The interview was printed in Speaking Tree, published by The Times of India, on 16 November 2012.

What is meditative yoga?
Meditative yoga is a special way of doing Hatha Yoga, very different from the hurried, sweaty, gym-like yoga of many schools around the world. It is in line with Patanjali’s chitta-vritti-nirodha and of slow movements that are well-coordinated with deep and unforced breathing. The attention is, initially directed towards the movements, later towards breathing, and finally, towards the wholeness of the postures. Meditative yoga brings the mind to silence and focuses on slow movement yoga with abdominal breathing for maximum relaxation.

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The book «Meditative Yoga» launched in Delhi

Meditative YogaThe book Meditative Yoga: integrating body, breath and mind, which builds on more than 40 years of teaching in Acem School of Yoga, was launched in India on 13 October this year by the highly esteemed Indian publishing company Motilal Banarsidass. Both authors of the book, Dr. Are Holen and Mr. Torbjørn Hobbel, were present at the book launch in New Delhi, along with a number of dignitaries from Indian society.

The Indian edition is a black-and-white version of the international edition, which was published in full-colour print on Dyade Press earlier this year. The book is a revised translation of the Norwegian edition Yogaboken – bevegelse og pust.

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