Siri Bergan on Acem’s Training in Interpersonal Communication:

“It was both very demanding and very rewarding. The program was extremely intensive, and I used the opportunity to interact extensively with other participants. The group sessions helped me to see both myself and the others in a new perspective. As I listened to their stories, I discovered many parallels in my own life.”

Siri Bergan, a public procurement officer in the Norwegian Tax Administration, reflects on her experience of Acem’s Training in Interpersonal Communication for the first time.

Formative experiences

“I came to the course in order to get a better understanding of myself and the way others see me. The clear and direct feedback from the others really gave me a wake-up call. The group dynamic was extremely important. All the participants showed their sensitivity toward each other.”

This helped Siri see and verbalize many of her repetitive patterns, both in group contexts and in one-on-one relations. She even began to look into the formative experiences that underlie some of the important choices in her life—both what she has chosen to do and what she has tended to avoid doing.

Genuine and generous

“It’s always easy to blame others when something goes wrong. Looking at my own contribution to the situation has helped me take a larger share of responsibility for my own life.”

Now she would like to bring this increased self-understanding with her back home, to family and friends, and to her workplace.

“I think the course has helped me become more genuine and generous both toward myself and others.”

“I am here”

At the course, Siri often chose to express herself rather than withdraw to an observer’s stance.

“I learned that it’s important to state clearly: ‘I am here.’”

During the week, she learned that the acceptance of others is even more important to her than their respect—to be accepted and feel appreciated for what she is.

“This makes it much easier to become reconciled with my own strengths and weaknesses.”

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Language editor: Ann Kunish