Climbing and the free mental attitude

There are many areas in life where it is useful to have a free mental attitude. One of them is climbing. How is it to keep a free mental attitude in the situation of the climber on the picture? Not very easy for most us.

Nevertheless, there are some features of climbing that tell us something about how to meditate. When climbing, it is important to take one step at a time. I am here now, how do I most easily get on? How can I climb without using too much energy? How to climb will be different for each step. Sometimes, the climber needs to use his legs, sometimes his arms, sometimes he may have to move towards the side. In other ways, he cannot go for one single way of doing it.

There are both similarities and differences between our attitude in climbing and meditation. While the climber is concentrated, when we meditate, we should only lightly place our attention on the meditation sound. Nevertheless, in both cases, we move in different ways at different times, adapting how we repeat the sound to what is in our mind.

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  1. Kaif

    Thought provoking! This reminds me of what Are once said in a lecture, “the will should be able to encompass what comes from nature [the spontaneous activity]”.

    I sometimes feel that in my meditation I have a choice between repeating the sound just the same way all the time or being more receptive to my own self and repeat the sound in a manner that enables the expression of all that is going on in the psyche. It seems that it is easy to fall into an absent-minded way of meditating, which may not give full freedom to the spontaneous activity.

    As you say, climbing is different at every step.

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