Enjoy the picture? To learn about the real thing, read on.

The beautiful beaches of Cabarete, Dominican Republic, will play host to this relaxing Acem Meditation Weekend Retreat in the beginning of November.

Long Meditation: Meditations of 3+ hours produce a calmer and more receptive frame of mind paving the way for through relaxation, increased energy and enhanced self-awareness.

Guidance Groups: Led by our experienced instructor, guidance groups provide an opportunity to improve meditation skills and explore personal issues.

Seminars & Social Interactions: Increase your understanding of the psychology of Acem Meditation. Enjoy long walks and swimming on the beach / pool with your fellow meditators.

The Acem retreat takes place in a beautiful decorated private Acem location in the town of Cabarete. The safe and secure location is walking distance to very nice restaurants and other the in-town amenities as well as just steps to the beach where you can enjoy, walks and water sports.

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