Interview with Caroline von Tuempling
– I always look forward to meditate. I feel much more composed. People tell me I’m more calm than I used to be.

As a highly successful photographer, Caroline von Tuempling is not easy to reach on her home phone in Sussex. This week she may be working on a big production in Egypt. Next week you may find her with her camera in Bali. Or the Maldives. At one point she started to feel that her hectic life style was eating its way into her creativity. That’s when she decided to learn Acem Meditation.

– I wanted to do something about my situation. My life is very busy, and I felt like I was chasing my tail all the time. I needed some time for myself. As a photographer I needed time to reflect to be able to be creative. So I learnt Acem Meditation.

The effects, she feels, are not only good for herself, but also for the people around her, including her 15 year-old son, who often travels with her.

– My relationships have improved. I’m much less irritable than I used to be. It’s become easier to relate to all the people and hustle-bustle around me on a big production. In addition, I have become more aware, she says.

Caroline von Tuempling grew up in Germany, where she studied law for some time before entering a career as a model. After many years, she increasingly found herself behind the camera instead of posing before it. In 1981 she moved to London and has worked as a freelance photographer since, producing stockshots within lifestyle, travel, and tourism.

How does she manage to include meditation in her tight schedule?

– I get up half an hour earlier to get my morning meditation. If that’s impossible, I do it half an hour before lunch. I feel that people around me respect my meditation.

And why Acem Meditation?

– I’ve tried other techniques. With Acem Meditation I feel I get more quickly into the meditative stage. Anyone can do Acem Meditation, also business and creative people.

Acem International Newsletter no 1 1999