Interview with Hana Han

As a retired high school teacher in Taiwan, Hana Han enjoys her life: She interprets her dreams, writes poems, and meditates. She is less stressed, with plenty of energy for all she wants to do.

How did you find Acem Meditation?

I had always been looking for a method that could help me calm down and enjoy a peaceful life. I have now practiced meditation for 8 years.

How has meditation made a difference in your life?

I get a lot of benefits. It makes a change that I am able to digest the daily mental residues in meditation.  It helps me keep calm also after the meditation, which I appreciate. I am less stressed. The combination of Acem Meditation, with guidance – and yoga, has positive effects on every aspect of me.

A long way to long meditations

This summer, I went to the International Deepening retreat in Norway – curious about what the long meditations would be like for me. To travel from Taiwan to Acem’s International Retreat Centre near Oslo was a long distance, but I am very glad I did it. The retreat was a unique experience, with profound relaxation. But even more important for me was that I got a deeper understanding of the meditation process.

Digging deeper into my personal history 

It was great for me to be in the guidance group. Every day throughout the week, we had the opportunity to share the meditation experience in the same guidance group. I appreciated those group meetings and looked forward to them. I have been digging deeper into my personal history – all the way back to when I was one year old. It is like some silent parts stay with me now, after the retreat.

No more worries about long meditations

A better understanding of the meditation process inspires my further practice with Acem Meditation.  I have had a positive experience with the long meditations. For the future, I will not have any worries about deepening processes. I would like to participate in another weeklong retreat in Norway soon.

What are your activities as an assistant meditation instructor in Acem Taiwan?

I am looking forward to teaching in beginner’s courses and give meditation guidance. The experience and insight I have got from Acem Meditation will be very important for the new tasks. There are many options, and I would also like to write some articles and give speeches about meditation.

Interview by Joy Lu.