blood-dripping orangeIt’s not hard to imagine that fruits have souls, though it helps to make them look like us. Some of them look angry, others sexy, still others scary. I don’t know who made these photographs, which were sent to me by a friend. If anybody knows, I will of course be more than happy to credit the photographer.

Again, I was reminded of Mo Yan’s novel “Life and death are wearing me out”, in which a donkey, an ox,a pig, a dog and a monkey are made to think and feel much more like us than we usually imagine. And although that’s hardly the truth, the opposite assumption – that they are just dumb and unfeeling animals – may be equally far from reality.

Fruits, of course, aren’t animals, but I was reminded of a high school friend who was absolutely sure that his plants grew better when he talked to them. bananas romanticAnd a Chinese poet said that “plants and trees have feelings too”.

Again, when are we projecting our own consciousness onto the world around us? And when are we just being a little more sensitive towards aspects of animal and plant life that are mostly overlooked? I don’t know, though even I am sure that the photos are an extreme case of projection!
apple with knifekissorange manbananas in bedscary banana