– Tom L. on Acem’s Communication Course

As an introspective analytical person, the development of the self is high on my list of priorities.

The Acem Communication Course has been on my radar for some time, but I didn’t feel I was ready to have myself ‘unpicked’.  But, having finally gathered the courage to take this self development course, I can only advise anyone even mildly interested in learning more about themselves that it is an extremely good idea.

Have you ever heard someone give you a raw opinion of something about yourself?  When we experience this in our daily lives, it could be a careless comment that hurts to hear, or possibly something intentional that’s intended to ‘cut you down’.  We may dismiss or ignore these things, but the information itself could be useful, if only we were in the right mindset to accept it.

The Acem Communication course steps in here to provide you with a safe environment where you can discuss things of importance to you, and benefit from multiple unbiased opinions about it.  In this way, the group in the course helped me to gain new insights into my personality.  Hearing others’ perception of me allowed me to see things I thought I knew in a different light.  It’s a well balanced course – combining group work, questionnaires, lectures, outdoor activities, and time to be social.

My advice: Sign up today, and don’t look back.