“Helping the world meditate”

Hva you been looking for a meditation timer? And perhaps you need some help to establish a more regular meditation practice?

An Acem Meditator in the UK has passed on this advise:

“When I purchased my iPhone a few months ago I looked around for a meditation timer….

The Equanimity app fitted the bill …. and as there was a free version I tried it out.

Here’s some of the features I like:

  • you can maintain a history of your meditation sessions and track how regular your practice is over the days, weeks and months
  • the timer will record the number of consecutive daily sessions or ‘continuous runs’
  • the time allowed for each meditation session can be configured as required, with start up / cool down pauses at the start and end
  • if you want you can write notes on each session
  • you can switch the phone to silent and the timer will still work
  • it’s easy to use

I’ve found using the app has helped encourage and support a regular meditation practice.

There’s a paid for version which has a few more features, but the free version provides most of facilities needed – give it a try!”



  1. olego

    Sounds interesting. It could perhaps be used for other activities than meditation. When I am teaching students by study habits, one important thing is to really know for how many minutes/hours every day/week one is really studying. – I might also use it for tracking my physical exercising. Hope the year end results will not be too depressing!

  2. Eva

    olego, I am sure it can be used for different purposes. Something interesting and a bit scary to map different activities in life. But “The proof of the pudding lies in the eating”! Useful and motivating to see – in black and white – how much and how often I do whatever I want to do 🙂

  3. nickt

    I think this is a great little device! In discussion yesterday I speculated that I might be tempted to get competitive about my time meditating – not a good thing! Maybe that is the runner in me coming out.

  4. Magne Bell

    I have tried this.
    I payd the ful lversion and installed on my iPhone. But it is very unstable, you never know if it gives an alrm at the right time or not, totally useless if you ask me.
    Only a few times it gave the right alarm, and if you sit and meditate you need to trust the timer, othervise your mind will be occupied with thinking “will it work this time?”.
    So the producer of this must rethink and redo the programming. (My iPhone is of the 3G type)
    Another thing: The max sitting time is 3 hours, sometimes you need more….
    It would have been nice though to have system that recorded your sittings over some time, for intance a year.

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