Hva you been looking for a meditation timer? And perhaps you need some help to establish a more regular meditation practice?

An Acem Meditator in the UK has passed on this advise:

“When I purchased my iPhone a few months ago I looked around for a meditation timer….

The Equanimity app fitted the bill …. and as there was a free version I tried it out.

Here’s some of the features I like:

  • you can maintain a history of your meditation sessions and track how regular your practice is over the days, weeks and months
  • the timer will record the number of consecutive daily sessions or ‘continuous runs’
  • the time allowed for each meditation session can be configured as required, with start up / cool down pauses at the start and end
  • if you want you can write notes on each session
  • you can switch the phone to silent and the timer will still work
  • it’s easy to use

I’ve found using the app has helped encourage and support a regular meditation practice.

There’s a paid for version which has a few more features, but the free version provides most of facilities needed – give it a try!”