In the summer of 2015, Acem Spain arranged its first retreat at Boí Taüll Resort in the Pyrenees, as a preparation for the World Retreat 2016. Some of the participants have shared their experiences below.

Victor VidalVictor Vidal, Uruguay
The retreat has been a fine opportunity to have a break for meditation without other obligations. I have enjoyed being surrounded by experienced meditators and getting to know people who have practiced for many years. The nature here in the Pyrenees is wonderful; we don’t have mountains in Uruguay where I come from.


Jimena Villegas 
Jimena Villegas, Spain

The natural surroundings here are fantastic – far away from the city. In the summer, there is no better place to be than the Pyrenees. Having a whole resort to ourselves is ideal. All the people participate in the same process, and the atmosphere is great.

Joanna Zielinska 
Joanna Zielinska, Poland

Boí Taüll is a marvellous place. I enjoy the purity of the air and the beautiful sunsets. The scenery reminds me of my homeland, Poland. I am glad I came. The people are lovely, and I have been happy to be here. It has been good to talk about my meditation practice. Meditating in the retreat has been a different experience from my daily meditations back home. I am sure this is the right way for me to continue the process of self-development.
Jose Alvarado 
Jose Alvarado, Spain

This was the first time I have been in the Pyrenees for a meditation retreat, and it was a very positive experience. The group was united by deeper themes and emotions. The silence here is good for long meditations. I will come back in 2016.

Joy Lu 
Joy Lu, Taiwan

I was the only Taiwanese in this retreat. The other participants were all very kind and friendly, but since they sometimes spoke in a language I didn’t understand, I also had some time on my own. This was actually quite nice, and I was able to be more in the moment. Boí Taüll has preserved much of its original scenic beauty and unspoiled energy.

Gustavo Pérez 
Gustavo Pérez, Spain

The retreat fulfilled all my expectations, and even more. I was able to get much deeper into the meditation process. I met so many nice people. And the scenery was spectacular, so beautiful! It had a very positive effect on the activities during the retreat, including the meditation practice. It just couldn’t have been better!