Freddy Acevedo Ruiz, Spain

“When I was looking for a meditation technique, I looked for a method I could use to improve myself. I was particularly interested in the psychological aspects. Acem Meditation looked promising. Since I like to prepare and know what things are about, I read the information about scientific aspects of the technique on the website. Rather than just following the road already defined, I prefer an open-ended process.”

Acem Meditation Freddy Acevedo

Freddy Acevedo, M.D., has several years of practice in emergency medicine. He has completed further education in several areas of complementary medicine and started his own clinic, which mainly offers complementary medicine. He is educating new professionals, and teaches acupuncture. He has completed the training as a moderator in Acem, with a responsibility for follow-up courses.

“At the outset, the psychological aspects attracted me; they enabled me to work with exactly what I wanted – personal psychological processes. I can change with Acem Meditation, in an open-ended process without following any particular direction.”

Powerful technique

“The big surprise for me was to discover how powerful this technique is. I have noticed some changes in my body and mind. After three years, I feel like a man who is relieved from stress, in contrast to when I started. My favorite attitude now is to take everything in life calmly, whatever happens during my day. As an extra benefit, I appreciate not feeling guilty to the same extent as before; it is as if that feeling has more or less disappeared.”

More empathic

“One of the most important effects for me is that my empathy has improved, and I need that for my work with patients. I have noticed that Acem Meditation opens my mind for the information I receive from my patients. This is an advantage when I have to decide the right thing to do at any given moment. I need this kind of contact with the patient – not only the facts s/he communicates. It is a challenge that I always have to do the right thing.”

From Spain to Norway for a deepening retreat

We met Freddy on his way to a week-long deepening retreat in Acem Meditation in Norway, and asked him why he’s doing this.

“I told my patients that I need to recharge my batteries, since I am working so hard all the time. Although they want me to stay home so they can see their doctor whenever they want, I think they accepted that the doctor sometimes must take care of his own needs, in order not to raise the level of stress again.”

Prepare the mind for the day

Freddy Acevedo“There are many kinds of meditation. Although I have tried several techniques, I prefer Acem Meditation. I have been practicing this kind of meditation regularly for the last three years, and have particularly appreciated the spontaneous, open sides of the process. My morning meditation is an opportunity to prepare the mind for the day. I prefer to meditate 45 minutes in the morning, but also like to meditate later in the day. It makes a difference to do it twice a day. I have completed the training as a moderator in Acem and conduct follow-up courses. It inspires me to pursue my own understanding of meditation and take care of my daily meditation practice.”

The TV doctor

Freddy used to participate in a weekly TV program where people could call in to ask questions about medical conditions and problems. It was a challenge to give medical advice directly on TV. Now, he only occasionally gives TV interviews. He has his own medical clinic for complementary medicine, which keeps him very busy. In his clinic, more doctors with the right expertise are needed, and he teaches acupuncture and osteopathy during weekends. During many weekends he works straight through until lunch on Sunday. He realizes that this may be too much in the long run, and aims at some reorganization of work.

Interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug
Copy editor: Ann Kunish