In Benjamin Kartal’s job as an air traffic controller, challenging moments are part of his daily work. At the age of 27 he has ten years of meditation experience. When he was 17 years old and practiced Judo, he started to use mental training in addition to his normal training sessions. Over several years he tried different techniques. He once participated in an intensive retreat for 10 days with complete silence, without any guidance – which he missed.

For optimal effectiveness
“After a couple of years into my job, due to a high level of stress, I needed relaxation. I tried TM, after recommendation, with positive effects. As it did not fit with some of my views, I searched further, and found Acem Meditation, 4-5 years into my work as an air traffic controller. I have now practiced it for a year and a half. It is neutral regarding philosophy, religion and culture, and is backed scientifically. This fits my views, and it is easier to recommend. With Acem Meditation, an important achievement has been made: the technique is reframed into a modern cultural context. It is taken out of an ancient context, and put in a scientific frame. I use the technique for optimal effectiveness.

Meditation builds a wider path in the inner forest.
“I established a regular practice morning and evening for half an hour, every day. The morning meditation is a fine start, which triggers extended relaxedness into the rest of my day. This is for me an important benefit. In the evening meditation, emotional stuff is resolved and becomes more integrated. I get rid of residues – ready for sleep..
My regular practice feels like making a small path in the forest gradually expand towards a wider path – and building a road, as if the subconscious understands how to find relaxation. This also seems to have effects on the relaxation levels in normal power naps.benjamin-alternativ-cropped

Meditation buddies
“I have been in touch with other meditators and have got some good meditation buddies. We have Skype talks about our meditation experience and practice. I appreciate very much that we can talk without restrictions or boundaries – it makes it easier to let go of topics, draw conclusions and generate insights. If I am really restless, the others are probably not restless at the same time, and they can help me to hold the frame and balance the view of meditation.

Massive relaxation
“Meditation guidance has been important for me. When various issues come up, especially in retreats, and it would be easy to come off the path without guidance. It is fine when someone who offers a different perspective, especially in challenging moments. For me, the experience of a deepening retreat has been amazing. I was deeply touched. We also had walking partners – and the talks were very helpful. The retreat centre offered a calm environment, and the relaxation was massive. I needed only 4 hours sleep for about two weeks afterwards.

Retreats – for continued development
“The World Retreat this summer was special – the people, the dynamic experience, and of course the scenery. I was also translating some of the plenary seminars, which added to the international experience. It was the third weeklong retreats of Acem Meditation so far. The experience of such retreats gives me a deeper meaning: just be there, in the silence. A weeklong retreat twice a year has been fine for me, and I want to continue with this regularity. In comparison, cars need to go back to the garage for service once in a while – for continued development. I have made my plans for next year in addition to deepening retreats – in the winter and summer – I want to participate in the training in interpersonal communication.