Fuerza InteriorDuring the past year, Acem Spain has experienced an explosive growth, with hundreds of participants at beginner’s courses and retreats. Now the first book on Acem Meditation in Spanish has been published. Inner Strength – The Free Mental Attitude in Acem Meditation by Acem’s founder Dr. Are Holen has been translated into Spanish: Fuerza Interior – La actitud mental libre en la meditación Acem.

Long-term change

On its publication in 2000, Inner Strength was the first Acem book in English. It is still the best available introduction to the long-term processes of Acem Meditation. In this volume, Dr Holen discusses the importance of the free mental attitude. He explains how to cultivate and maintain a free mental attitude while meditating and suggests the kinds of change that this can bring about.

Books and CD

You can buy or read about the Spanish version and the English version online, and you can buy the Chinese version by contacting Acem Taiwan. You can also buy the English-language CD, on which Dr Holen discusses many of the same issues, by contacting Acem International.