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New perspectives, deep relaxation, beautiful nature – give yourself a refreshing break this summer together with meditators from around the world

International Regular Retreat 28 July – 4 August 2018, Halvorsbøle (Norway)

Acem’s international retreat center Halvorsbøle near Oslo lies on a hill overlooking the Randsfjord and the nearby forests and hamlets – a truly exquisite setting for meditation. Stimulating social interaction in an international environment adds to the effect. This retreat is for anyone who has learned Acem Meditation or wants to learn it during the week.   Read more

International Deepening Retreat 14 – 21 July 2018, Halvorsbøle (Norway)

This retreat is for Acem meditators who have already participated in regular retreats and want to deepen their experience of long meditations. The activities are all designed to stimulate the deepening process: long meditations of more than six hours, process guidance, dialogue-based seminars on the psychology of meditation, and basic yoga.   Read more

International Young Retreat 28 July – 4 August, Lundsholm (Sweden)

This retreat is especially adapted for meditators between 17 and 35 years of age. It takes place at Acem’s Nordic retreat center Lundsholm on an idyllic peninsula by the Mangen lake. The retreat combines meditation and intensive dialogues with games and fun. It is suitable both for experienced meditators and those who come to learn Acem Meditation.   Read more

International Yoga Retreat 7 – 4 July 2018, Halvorsbøle (Norway)

The first international yoga retreat provides instruction in English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, and Norwegian. Acem School of Yoga has taught meditative yoga and impulse exercises for fifty years. No previous knowledge of yoga or meditation is necessary, but there will also be classes for experienced practitioners.   Read more

Experienced Acem meditators may combine the yoga retreat with the deepening retreat and receive a two-week special treat for body and mind.

Copy editor: Ann Kunish