Acem Meditation is now receiving widespread attention in France.

About a month ago, the French daily morning newspaper Le Figaro encouraged its readers to learn Acem Meditation. Now the France based international magazine Marie Claire has followed suit in an article in its French and English versions.

“La méditation à la norvégienne” is becoming popular because the method is easy to learn, according to Marie Claire. The author emphasizes the uncontrolled aspect: Here you play on the mind’s own rhythm, and are not interrupted by instructors or apps. “With Acem, meditation is totally hermetic to any form of spirituality or religious practice. The purpose here is not the search for worship but simply a better apprehension of everyday life, its relationship to others and life in general.”

The journal points to the fact that, apart from relaxation and health benefits, “there is also an improvement in our introspective sensitivity, our empathy and our perception of ourselves. This results in a better sleep and a more just management of our emotions.”

The announcements follow a European trend with increased interest in Acem Meditation. In Germany, the demand for beginner’s courses is now greater than Acem is able to cover. In Spain, the country’s third meditation center was recently opened, this time in Madrid.

Beyond Norway (where Acem was founded in 1966), the organization teaches on a regular basis in Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Switzerland, USA, India and Taiwan.

Thus, Acem Meditation is an obvious item on the list of Norwegian exports with global coverage.