Remy Roche: “Acem Meditation made me more grounded – in a country harassed by terrorists”

Some people think they can learn meditation by picking up a book and read a few instructions. Remy Roche took the challenge more seriously.

From Paris to London to learn meditation

“I searched the Internet for ‘non-directive meditation’ and found Acem. I liked the idea of combining meditation with Western psychology. There was no Acem activity in France at the time, so I had to go to London to learn the technique. I had studied in Bristol, so I combined learning Acem Meditation with a visit to a friend from my student days. After the beginner’s course I skyped a few times with my instructor and discussed my meditation practice. The benefits were important: Meditation made me more grounded and cured me of my insomnia.

Another trip to London – for a long meditation

Later, Remy went from Paris to London again – this time to attend a long meditation.

“My first group guidance was useful. I understood restlessness better and learned that even if it feels bad in the moment, it will pass and can actually be put to good use. I had previously practiced yoga and learnt mindfulness meditation, which was also good for me, but never made me quite satisfied.”

Tackling the fear of terrorism

Remy lives outside Paris, a city where several terrorist attacks have occurred.

“My family and friends have not been directly affected. But one of my colleagues had planned to be at the Bataclan restaurant when the shooting took place in 2015. Something else came up just before the incident, and this has been traumatic for her. How do the terrorist attacks influence me? Like everybody else, I keep thinking about them, yet we all live our lives, and France is still one of the safest countries on earth. Also, meditation has helped.”

Remy Roche recently underwent training to become the first Acem moderator in France.