Meditation and communication

at Acem International Retreat Centre

Here are some important opportunities for meditation and communication taking place at Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle, Norway in 2013:

Other upcoming weeklong retreats include Spanish retreat 29 June – 6 July, 2013, German retreat 3-10 August, 2013, Taiwan retreat 21-26 November, 2013, and a number of different retreats in Norway and Sweden, including one student retreat.

The dates for some upcoming weekend retreats include UK (1-3 March 2013), Spain (8-10 March 2013), Taiwan (21-23 June 2013).

In addition come a number of retreats in Scandinavia and other countries. Check local web pages.


  1. Schade, the german retreat is at the same time as my sister wedding…really wanted to do it this year…well next sommer maybe!
    Nikos, Berlin

  2. Halvor

    Too bad, but since you obviously speak English, why not try the International Retreat 20-27 July this year?

  3. hello,
    I just showed up here and haven’t read all of the comments or really familiarized myself with the community that is commenting here–so I could be repeating something and stating the obvious. II cannot emphasize enough how important going on Meditation Blogs a retreat will solidify meditation practice. It gave me a context for my practice to fall into which is the teachings of Buddha (Vipassana).

  4. Are there any in the United States coming up soon? I am new to meditation, and I would love to learn go on a retreat like this!

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