Kristoffer Myre Eng on Acem Meditation

Kristoffer Myre EngMy brother had started before me, and was eager to convince me that meditation would be good for me, too. I hesitated for half a year, but from the first day I began to meditate, it was clear to me that I would do this for the rest of my life. I have been practicing regularly twice a day ever since. Compared to my life before meditation, every day now brings a little extra.

My days are organized in a fixed rhythm. In the morning, meditation is a pleasant way to make the transition from sleep and dreams into wakefulness. In the afternoon, it is a way to finish the workday and renew my energy for the rest of the day. It seems like a paradox, but although it takes time to meditate, my experience is that it gives me an extra hour every day. Meditation also feels important because it meets a need for meaningfulness and depth. It touches upon something beyond the busy activities of everyday life.

I am an organist by profession, and often meet people in emotional situations, such as funerals. At times like that, they are often closer to something deeper within themselves. For me, meditation is a simple way to gain access to greater depth, and to experience the richness of my mind and my life. Acem Meditation is a neutral method in the sense that it does not presuppose specific beliefs or ideologies, but its effects are far from neutral. I have drawn the conclusion that I believe in the potential of this technique – independent of my brother.

Copy editor: Ann Kunish