Moderator training in Acem

Olga Leschen

This year, moderator training will start in a number of countries. A moderator will be qualified to conduct, usually in collaboration with others, one of Acem’s follow-up courses, in particular the First follow-up course M1.

The basic training consists of a weekend seminar that covers group-dynamic principles and the contents of the M1 course. After the seminar, participants conduct their first M1 course and, in the following semester, attend another weekend seminar devoted to the sharing and discussion of experiences.

After the candidate has successfully completed the training, an initial two-year agreement is reached regarding his or her tasks, usually including the setting up and conducting of at least one M1 course per semester, as well as coordination work, contact with course participants, and other practical tasks.

Ryan Hung & Huiling Chen

Ryan Hung and Huiling Chen became Acem moderators in Taiwan in 2011.

Applicants must have completed the M1 course and at least one weeklong retreat of Acem Meditation. They should have regular meditation habits, be in generally good physical and mental shape, and have the social and other skills required to conduct the relevant courses.

The moderator training is autonomous, but may also function as the first step towards further training in Acem.

The application deadline is usually 20 August every year. Contact your local Acem centre.

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