Carla Helland: “Acem Meditation has become a valued part of each day.  I have been meditating regularly for a few years now. I notice that my stress and anxiety levels have become more balanced and that I have a much easier time being present in the daily moments of life. Meditation has been a grounding force for me. It has helped me to grow and has helped me focus on what I find important.
Time to reflect
“At the retreats there is time and space to get to know yourself a bit more. Besides exploring new insights, I also found time to reflect and take note of the work I have already been doing in my daily meditations. Throughout the years, I have noticed layers of stress falling away and the ability to see the present and what my desires are more clearly. Stress and anxiety had been acting as blinders, limiting my vision. I now notice more of the world around me, the people around me and my journey in the midst of it all.
Inspiration at retreat
“Since the week-long retreat this summer, I have been able to establish a consistent meditation routine and I am noticing the benefits of this. Meeting meditators from all over the world, hearing their stories and getting a chance to share my own has made me value my daily practice even more. It has inspired me to continue to sit down and meditate each day and has given me a network of people to connect with and lean on for motivation. I continue to be grateful for the ways Acem helps me explore personal growth.

Carla Helland is a Swedish music teacher