If you join a long meditation at the Acem centre in Berlin on a Sunday afternoon, you are likely to meet Daniel Roob, whose pleasant smile immediately makes you feel welcome. Daniel is 31 years old and a local organiser for Acem in Berlin. He is also a trained moderator, meaning he arranges M1 follow-up courses which give Berlin’s meditators the opportunity to meet, meditate and discuss their meditation. Lately he has joined the assistant instructor training course, with the aim of taking even more responsibility for Acem’s activities.

Theory meets practice

“It is fascinating to be part of courses like the M1. Each participant brings his or her experiences to the group, and tries to understand them in light of Acem’s psychology of meditation. Theory comes to life when it is linked to practice, and it is illuminating to compare individual ways of meditating with the general principles of Acem Meditation. Each group turns out to be very different.”

Daniel learned to meditate in 2003. At that time he was studying marketing and media studies at South Bank University in London, as well as taking classes in singing and conducting. “Life was busy and full of new opportunities. I started to meditate so as to stay grounded and establish a strong, stable inner core. From the very beginning, meditation was a positive experience, and I soon became a regular meditator.”

More freedom

In 2004, after five years in London, Daniel moved to Berlin. Together with a colleague, he is now building up a company specialising in web application development. Running his own business can be quite stressful, but while his external life is far from calm, he is pleased to have a method for stress management. His enthusiasm is contagious, and even his mother has become a regular meditator.

When we met him at the international retreat at Halvorsbøle last summer, Daniel was fascinated by the possibilities it opened up for personal development. “On this retreat, I have been exploring new areas within myself. It has sometimes been painful, but also gives me more freedom. If you know the things that reside within you, you are no longer their slave,” he says with a smile, and adds: “I am sure I will come back.”

Passion for music

Daniel is a creative and passionate person, and his interest in music has not waned. Diversity intrigues him, and he often pursues various interests simultaneously, whether in pop, jazz, soul, gospel or classical music. He sings regularly with an ensemble called The Jambalaya Gospel Singers, founded and directed by him. During an evening’s entertainment at the Halvorsbøle retreat, he sang his way into the hearts of the other participants, who were impressed by his genuine warmth and sincerity.

So if you go to Berlin and happen to be there on a Sunday afternoon, why not join Daniel and other locals for a long meditation at the Acem centre in Jungstrasse 2? Map