mediaticion_acemA new Spanish-language book on Acem Meditation was published this summer. Meditación Acem: Guía complementaria is a translation of the English book Acem Meditation: An Introductory Companion, written by the founder of Acem, Are Holen, and initiator Halvor Eifring. The Spanish version also includes an additional chapter on sounds and their influence on the mind. The translation was carried out by assistant instructor Jacqueline Robert, who lives in Alicante, Spain.

The book will be used at the beginner’s courses in Spain and will represent a significant improvement on our present materials. It will also be interesting and useful for Spanish speakers who have already learnt Acem Meditation. Meditación Acem is the second Acem book in Spanish, after Fuerza interior (Inner Strength) was published earlier this year.