Friday 25 Nov – Saturday 26 Nov 2022

A unique opportunity to have an experience of what Acem retreats can offer – all from the comfort of your home. This retreat is suitable for

  • – Those who want to practice meditation at the three-hour level for the first time
  • – Those who already have experience with the three-hour level

The retreat offers everything a retreat with presence would have: long meditations, guidance groups, a yoga session, and plenary meetings.

The online version has clear benefits. No travel also means it is easier to negotiate into a busy schedule.

Former participants claim they would do it again should the opportunity arise.

As one participant put it:

«At first I thought those faces in the tiny squares would never become alive to me, but at the end of the retreat, it felt very different. The retreat brought people closer to themselves and to others, regardless of physical distance.»

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