After ten seasons with a Nordic Profile, this year the highly popular Young Retreat is going to be international.

Deepen your understanding of meditation, feel the wind blow through your hair during a bike ride, cool down in the Mangen lake, play volleyball, go for a walk, or run along the many footpaths in the woods.

This is the International Young Retreat at the Acem Nordic Retreat Centre Lundsholm in Värmland, Sweden. When? From Saturday, July 29 to Saturday, August 5.

In the evenings, the bright Swedish summer nights invite you to enjoy the atmosphere in the company of others – either at the campfire, or while you all take a swim together in the moonlight.

It is relaxing, and it is good for you. If you have already learnt Acem Meditation, the retreat is an opportunity to bring yourself and your practice one step further. If you have not yet learnt the technique, you can do so at the retreat.

Follow the shifting contents of your mind in your long meditations. Just see what emerges and unfolds and let it pass freely.

The International Young Retreat is for those between 17 and 35 years of age. The retreat language is English, with guidance groups in English and Scandinavian. No previous retreat experience is required.

You have your own room, where you may meditate for a few hours every day before lunch. In the guidance group, you share your meditation experience and gradually understand more of the dynamic interplay between your practice and the spontaneous forces emerging in your consciousness.

If you have any questions, please write to