Raquel Sanz: “Halvorsbøle is a good place for meditation.”

raquel sanz“When I was invited to learn Acem Meditation last year at Acem International Retreat Centre Halvorsbøle, I was happy. It was the opportunity I had been waiting for. My son was two years old, the timing was right. I quickly made up my mind to meditate for the available time I had every day, even when that meant only ten minutes, and then expand the time I have for meditation whenever possible.

Meditation makes me more secure

“When I need to, I can calm down with meditation, and it makes me more secure to know this. It is good for my head and my thoughts: I benefit greatly from meditation. A good habit is to meditate at my son’s bed as he is going to sleep, and he appreciates that I am there doing it. This winter I had the chance to try a long meditation – three hours – and wondered in advance if I’d be able to do it. But it went very well, beyond my expectations, and I am glad I had this opportunity. Before a long meditation, I make everything ready before I start, in order to be ready for the long silence. In this way, nothing can disturb my meditation, there’s nothing to worry about – I just meditate.

Positive experience with long meditations

“It is a luxury to come to Halvorsbøle. Everything is ready for meditation, and it is easy to practice there. I can take the opportunity for long meditations in my own ensuite room, and enjoy being served delicious food. My first experience with meditation at the three-hour level was very positive. I want to come back and am happy for the possibilities I have had several times to participate in courses arranged by my boss for employees in her Montessori nursery schools. These opportunities to share experiences have been valuable. We also have a good time socially, walking and talking and sharing good meals. Such experiences are out of the question in the busy weekdays in the nursery schools.

An intensive start

“My interest started five years ago when I participated in training in interpersonal communication at Halvorsbøle – a rather intense start. I didn’t know anything about the course in advance, and expected to listen to lectures about communication. But it turned out to be quite different. At first, it felt quite intensive, but I decided that that was okay – it was a new experience and I was open to see what it was going to be like – I wanted to participate. The course went well, and some of us kept in touch afterwards. Our hearts and brains contain a lot we don’t know is there. We bring along our backpacks full of things, and this course helped us empty some of the stuff that has been stored away. In our busy everyday lives, we don’t manage to sort out everything.

Yoga for children

“A quite new experience was to be trained to teach yoga to children. I participated together with a group of colleagues from the Montessori nursery school. Yoga is a gift that can make the children’s everyday lives better. We are now looking forward to implement this in the nursery school, as soon as we have provided the yoga mats.

Next step

“I would like to participate in a workshop for dream work. I find the idea of exploring this side of my inner life very interesting, and want to try it. And in a few years, when my son is older, it will be possible to go to a week-long retreat – something to look forward to.”

Interviewed by Anne Grete Hersoug
Language editor: Ann Kunish