• When the bottom hatch opens – the vicissitudes of the wandering mind in meditation

    By Rune Belsvik A bottom hatch opens and something rushes out, sprinkles down, disappears, and I wonder what I should do with it, something is waiting for me to find a solution to this leak, [...]

  • A coping strategy for dealing with life

    Lilo Woop took part in her first Deepening retreat in Acem Meditation earlier this year. What did she get out of it? The meditations during the deepening retreat were adventurous, interesting, deep, heavy, joyful, and [...]

  • Meditate daily or occasionally?

    Do you enjoy meditation but can't establish a regular habit right now? These perspectives may surprise you. The difference between daily Acem meditation and occasional Acem Meditation can be significant. Here are some of the [...]