• To be just myself

    Johan Øye shares his experience with Acem Meditation in his daily life and at a deepening retreat at Acem’s Retreat Center Halvorsbøle. He is a Norwegian teacher who has practiced meditation for many years. “When [...]

  • Q&A: Meditation and the Default Mode Network of the brain

    The Meditation Blog has received several questions regarding the relationship between the so-called Default Mode Network of the brain and meditation. The discovery of the brain’s Default Mode Network by Raichle et al. (2001) opened [...]

  • Understand what lies behind the communication

    Training in Interpersonal Communication Halvorsbøle International Retreat Centre, Oslo 29 April – 7 May 2023 What did participants Oriol and Borghild take home from this course in 2022? Oriol Cuxart Pérez, Biomedical Engineer, Barcelona: “This course [...]