• Towards a widened perspective on communication – seeing yourself through others

    Training in Interpersonal Communication Halvorsbøle International Retreat Centre, Oslo 27 April – 5 May 2024 A rare opportunity for personal growth – beneficial both for oneself and at a societal level We are happy to [...]

  • Intuition is a resource

    "In Acem Meditation, intuition is a dynamic part of meditating with a free mental attitude," writes initiator Monika Wirkkala. What is intuition? It has been said that intuition is seeing with the soul, that it [...]

  • Close to the origins of Acem Meditation

    How about a one-week refreshing international summer retreat in the Scandinavian landscapes where Acem Meditation originated? An opportunity for exciting encounters and social meetings across borders and cultures, with participants from Scandinavia, Europe, and other [...]