Training in Interpersonal Communication

Halvorsbøle International Retreat Centre, Oslo
29 April – 7 May 2023

We are happy to invite Acem meditators from all countries to this very special event. The training is suitable both for first-timers and people with previous experience from Acem’s communication courses.

Understand what lies behind your communication

In this course, you spend much of the time in groups of six to nine people, with a completely open agenda, in collaboration with experienced group leaders, rather than listening to talks and lectures. The interaction between the participants initiates group processes that re-enact unconscious patterns in how we see and deal with each other. This paves the way for new insights into how we are driven by feelings we didn’t even know we had. The process aims to understand more of what lies behind the interpersonal communication.

As one participant in 2022 put it:

Ellen Andersen, Head of Unit in Oslo Municipality

 “It has become visible to me what role I take in a group”

I have gotten to know myself a lot better. It has become visible to me which role I take in a group, where I tend to take on a lot of responsibility. It has been an excellent opportunity to explore how I relate to others, an issue that often disappears in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In my professional life, relating to other people is fundamental, and the communication course has helped me become more sensitive and open. Due to the format of the course, situations that are very similar to everyday life emerge, for example, how does the group react when a group member becomes stressed and frustrated?

Another participant in 2022 put it this way:

Magnus Botnedal, MBA student

 “The course brings you very far in just nine days”

The course has allowed me to dive deeper into personal topics, and I have discovered how issues from my childhood as well as my self-images influence both how I behave and how I think. Talking about personal issues in a safe environment, while being seen and accepted by others, has been an empowering experience. The feedback from the group has made visible some gaps in how I perceive myself vs. how others perceive me, and I have enjoyed the interaction with the group also outside of the communication groups. I think this course brings you very far in just nine days.

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