Students are learning Acem Meditation in India

Acem Meditation is increasingly popular among students in India. Although they have their own long traditions of meditation, they are eager to learn this Western meditation technique.

Across various types of colleges, students find Acem Meditation attractive, and their natural choice. Recently, in Trichy, Nehru Memorial College, Surya Para Medical & Catering College, and M.A.M. Polytechnic College hosted meditation courses. This summer, in Tamil Nadu, more than 2500 students started their meditation practice.

The courses were led by Irudayaraj and Kalpana Jayaraj, who are assistant instructors in Acem India. They had a busy time, especially in Nandha Arts College, Erode, where more than 1700 people learned to meditate. The growing interest among students, and also teachers, is an inspiration for both of them – who enjoy meeting the enthusiasm of so many new meditators.

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  1. I’mspending 3-6 month a year in India and it’s surprising how little people are actuelly realy doing yoga or meditation. Outside of yoga-schools maybe just 5% of people.
    Even I’m teaching meditation in India, some Indians are asking me, how is your Yoga-class going, not understanding what is the difference 😉
    Keep up teaching meditation to everyone!

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